Government Technology: Tax Fraud and the Dark Web in 2019

Government Technology: Tax Fraud and the Dark Web in 2019.

In a summary of the findings Carbon Black found these scary statistics with specific numbers showing the low cost to get sensitive data:

  • W-2s and 1040s are available on the dark web at relatively low cost, ranging from $1.04 to $52. Names, social security numbers and birthdates can be obtained for a price ranging from $0.19 to $62
  • For $1K, a relatively inexperienced hacker can purchase authenticated access to a U.S.-based bank account, file a false tax return,
  • Claim the IRS refund and cash out via a cryptocurrency exchange for a 100+% return on investment.
  • How-to guides for cashing out other people’s tax returns are available for around $5 but one offer, claiming to be the most comprehensive guide for tax refund cash out, was listed for $70
  • A hacker can now provide stolen/purchased identity information (Name, DOB, SSN, etc.) and receive an original image of some person holding a forged passport with matching picture/information and scans of the forged identity documents.

Author: Doug Schuble

Author in this scenario refers to me as the originator of "raft4u". Recovery After Fraud or Theft - For You. In the tab "Posts" you will find many links to sites that will help you to understand the complexity of Identity Theft as well as the urgency for your actions to protect your Identity. Billions of identity theft incidents and identity fraud cases have already ocurred. Your "ship" has probably been "torpedoed" and you don't even know when it happened. When your "ship" begins to sink, when you realize you are a victim of identity theft or identity fraud, you'll need our "raft". Be aware & prepare!

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