Proper Honest Paws CBD Dosage?

What is the proper dosage for my pet?

The proper amount of CBD is an art – not a science. Meaning most pet parents will need to play around with the amount of CBD they give your pet until they see the desired effects.

With that said, here are some tips and tricks to get you started:
Generally, speaking we find that

.25mg of CBD per pound of body weight is an effective amount for pets. For instance, we recommend a 5lb pet receive 5mg of CBD per day.

Proper CBD Dosage
Proper CBD Dosage

Every pet is unique and may require less OR more CBD to get the desired effect. If your pet is new to CBD, we recommend starting with half the recommended amount and then increase from there. Your pet may respond well to 50% of the recommended amount. However, if you do not notice a change, you can increase the dose to the full, recommended amount.

As mentioned before, some pets may require more CBD. In that case, it is perfectly acceptable to increase the amount of CBD given. However, you will want to do so slowly over time. For instance, if our 5lb pet is not responding to 5mg of CBD, then we would recommend increasing the amount by 50% the following day. Meaning, the 5lb pet would receive 7.5mg of CBD. You can continue to increase the amount until you see the desired effects.

How Do Honest Paws Tinctures Work?

Your pet, like any living being, has specific cannabinoid receptors in their brain and central nervous systems that make up what we call the “endocannabinoid system” where the Cannabinoids(CBD products) latch on and support your pets endocannabinoid system by supplying the essential phyto-nutrients they need. The ways of usage is either orally or topically.
As more people learn about the health benefits and therapeutic properties of CBD, many are wondering which ingestion method will work best for them. CBD can be consumed through a variety of means, including edibles, capsules, oils, and tinctures. While some companies use the same terms for all CBD products, the method of ingestion makes a big difference in how the product works, and every method has its own advantages and disadvantages, Here we’ll explore two of the most popular, oils and tinctures, to see which one will work best for you.

CBD Oil – CBD Tincture

CBD oil is created using an extraction process that removes the oil directly from the seeds, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. It usually contains the most potent levels of CBD, and is often the priciest of all CBD products. You can take CBD oil sublingually, meaning you place the oil under the tongue. The oil is then absorbed through the mucus membranes, allowing for fast absorption and fast effects. It can also be swallowed, but will then have to be absorbed through the digestive system.
CBD and other cannabinoids can be found in CBD oil, and it also contains other beneficial vitamins and nutrients as well as protein, fatty acids, chlorophyll, and flavonoids. The flavor is usually nutty and earthy, which can make it unpopular with children, though it can be added to other foods for easier consumption.

CBD Tincture
CBD tinctures are liquid extracts of hemp combined with alcohol, vegetable glycerin or oil like cinnamon or peppermint. Like oils, tinctures are also consumed sublingually, allowing for fast absorption, but tinctures generally contain less potent levels of CBD. Their sweeter flavor, though, allows them to be easily added to other food or beverages, which means they can be conveniently ingested in a variety of ways. They also tend to be less expensive, making them an excellent choice for anyone new to CBD.

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Benefits of CBD

Private & Peaceful

CBD Soothes
CBD Rejuvenates

Case After Case Says It…

  • Relieves pain by binding to receptors while reducing swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces social anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in patients diagnosed with Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Improves sleep quality so you get a full nights rest and wake up refreshed with more energy
  • Increases memory and focus
  • Helps combat neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimers by removing plaque that block neuron-signaling
  • Reduces cigarette, drug, & alcohol addiction by modulating the rewarding effects of addictive compounds
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar
  • Provides relief to those suffering from IBD (Crohn’s or Colitis) through it’s anti-inflammatory effects
  • Helps to improve symptoms of MS (multiple sclerosis) by providing durable protection to neurons
  • Works to help eliminate fat by reducing appetite and cravings
  • Reduces muscle spasms and cramps
  • And tastes absolutely delicious!
CBD Eases Anxiety

Life can be so pleasant.

Effects of Cannabidiol

There is increasing evidence that CBD may have potential therapeutic benefits, including anticonvulsive, sedative, hypnotic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective properties. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which in animal studies has been found to be several hundred times that of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid).Because CBD produces its biological effects without acting significantly on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, it does not cause the unwanted psychotropic effects that are characteristic of other marijuana derivatives.

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