Originator of “raft4u”.

Recovery After Fraud or Theft – For You.

Billions of identity theft incidents and identity fraud cases have already ocurred.

Your “ship” has probably been “torpedoed” and you don’t even know when it happened

When your “ship” begins to sink, when you realize you are a victim of identity theft or identity fraud, you’ll need our “raft”.

Be aware & prepare! Recovering From Identity Theft Is a Process. This process begins even before you are aware that you are a victim of identity theft.

Be prepared to follow specific recovery steps and document your actions and the actions of the people you deal with and meticulously track your progress.

You have choices available to assist in your recovery.

Let us help you. “Recover After Fraud or Theft”.

We believe you will choose LifeLock. We rely on LifeLock everyday.

All the Best, Doug




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